Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dillon update

Dillon has been doing great overall. He has still been off oxygen during the day for the most part. A few times he has needed a little, but such a huge change from before!

A teen girl from church came over this week so we could do Dillon's patterning. I am thrilled! I LOVED doing his therapy again because I know how good it is for him. If you live close and are willing to help or know someone who could help 1 or 2 times a month for 3 hours please let me know!! Thanks!

The most current update on Dillon is that he aspirated on Friday afternoon and is not feeling well. We started on the oil of oragnol right away. His oxygen levels are stable but his heart rate is 150-170s, which is high but not too high. Last night the nurse had to call me several times and have me come down for an hour to help calm Dillon becuase his heart rate was over 200.

Please pray this gets under control fast! I know Truett was sick and in the past when Jay had a cold it was RSV for Dillon so I am praying this will not turn into anything more serious and that we will be able to treat him at home. Thank you for praying with me!!

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