Monday, January 24, 2011

Jay's Jabbering

More of Jay's Jabbering for your entertainment:

It is a sweet and sad one...
The other morning Jay woke us up about 5am outside our door crying and saying "Mommy my ear hurts, can we pray about that?" It was so sweet and yet so sad! He had a double ear infection (his first ear infection ever). He was in SO much pain. I am so happy he knew the first thing we should do is pray. It was horrible. He was crying all morning, clinging to me, just laying on the floor trying to sleep all morning, waking up from his naps and screaming. he was reapeating over and over "It hurts me!"
But, by 1pm his ear infections were gone! (I'd say praying worked!) I gave him 2 doses of oil of orangenol, 2 doses of 50% peroxide 50% water drops in the ears, and the acupuncturist worked some points on him.
I saw how much pain he was in and realized that this is the pain Dillon is often in and can't even say anything until after the ear drum ruptures. Oh Lord, please give me wisdom to know right away if Dillon gets another one!
But it was amazing, by 1pm he was fine again and hasn't had any more problems. I did a few more drops in the ear to be sure it wouldn't come back but that's it!

Jay woke up too early this morning so I told him to go back to sleep for a bit. A few minutes later I hear...
"Mommy, I prayed and asked God to bring the sun up and He answered already! I opened my window and it is up!"
Me, still trying to sleep: "Th
at's good Honey"
Jay "So... can I get up now?"
Me to Josiah: "Oh boy, he is going to keep us on our toes!" :o)

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Donna said...

Praise God for answered prayer and for the faith of a little child. Love, Grandma K.