Friday, August 05, 2011


About 8 days after Dillon came down with adenovirus, Jay sat down at lunch and said "I'm not hungry." I felt his head and sure enough he was feverish. Over the next several days his fever would go up and down. At one point it went up to 104.7! The problem was it would be staying low enough to not medicate then all of a sudden jump up! Jay didn't want to drink anything becuase he said everything tasted like tomatoes. It was like pulling teeth to get him to drink. I was exhausted! At one point I fell asleep on the sofa next to him holding his cup of chocolate milk! (No, I didn't spill it, thankfully!)

About 6 days later Truett started running fevers, but he loves to drink so his fevers only went to 102. Truett was over it in about 3 days.

Dillon had another fever after we thought he was over it then it was done. Josiah, however, came down with pink eye in both eyes, just like Dillon had. His eyes are STILL bright red!

Praise the Lord - I did not get sick! We had a lot of people praying and for this I am thankful because with all the times my face was coughed in by Dillon, the slobbery kisses from Truett and Jay coughing or just being close - I should have come down with it.

Dr. Gleman said it is transferred by secretions so we think Dillon got it from school. Possibly because the teachers kiss all 11 medically fragile, drooling, coughing kids on the cheek one after another. I have asked the teachers not to do this again so hopefully he won't get another horrible virus. He missed 3 of the 5 weeks of summer school because of this virus. He wills tart again August 30, hopefully we can see how he does at school this time if he actually goes! :o)

I am SO glad this virus is gone! Dillon is almost back to normal with his oxygen, he is still needing a little more than before the virus but at least he is better.

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WilxFamily said...

It was SO good to read this!! Olivia and I pray for Dillon and the rest of your family every night. She was tickled to see how the Lord answered her prayers. :)

So excited about the little one coming soon...we're praying for him/her too!