Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lighthouse and Beach

Last weekend we went to a light house and the beach with the boys. these pictures are in the wrong order, but it wasn't worth the time it would take to change them all around! :o)

Daddy and Truett after cleaning all the sand off of him

Here's all that sand....

Dillon LOVED the water. He was actually standing mostly on his own. All Josiah had to do was hold his head and shoulder. Sweet boy!

Mommy and her boys!

Isn't he adorable?!

Daddy and Jay going to the water!

I love this picture of Dillon! He was enjoying the breeze, wind, smells, etc.

Josiah is the best Daddy! He had to DRAG Dillon's HEAVY chair all the way to the water and back. It was a lot of hard work, but he did it so Dillon could enjoy it too.

We actually did the light house first, but again these pictures are reverse too.

The view...

Josiah went up afterwards, by himself b/c Jay wouldn't go up again. We had planned for Jay to come with me and then with him...

Dillon was there, but of course he didn't get to go up

The light and reflectors

I didn't say it was the smartest thing for me to do - but I did go up. I didn't know it had 228 steps to get up! I was so tired and my legs hurt so bad the next few days that I could hardly walk! No more lighthouses for me - at least not till this baby isn't in my belly anymore!

Once he was up, Jay LOVED it! he was running around the outside and enjoying the breeze and the view!

The only problem was the 228 steps! He was terrified! the steps had grates and I think he thought he would fall through them. At every landing he would go up against the side and not move. I had to carry him up a few steps to get him to start walking again. It was horrible!

This was at the bottom before he realized he was terrified! :o)

Last weekend

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