Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our 6th Anniversary

Josiah and I celebrated 6 years of wonderful marriage on August 20! I am so blessed to be married to Josiah! I love you Dear and am so thankful God brought us together. As you sang to me on our wedding day, "Only God could love you more!"

The boys playing dress up

My tiger

and my lil skunk

Josiah went out and bought me roses Saturday morning!

i don't know how this one turned out like this but I love it!

I never took pictures of my engagement and/or wedding ring with flowers so I thought I would do it this time.

Josiah had to work for several hours in the morning/afternoon but then we went to a park to take some family pictures

Our family - who would have thought six years ago that we would be sitting here with three wonderful little boys and another child on the way

Dillon and his youngest sibling

Jay kissing the baby

Truett is a BIG brother? Wow that is crazy, he is still a baby himself!

Family! Thank you Lord for my wonderful family - I love them all so much!

Grandma and her boys

Brotherly love! Jay hugging Truett and Truett looking at (and sometimes kissing) Dillon
37 weeks with Baby #4! I can't wait to meet him/her - but I'm glad he/she waited till after our anniversary! :o)

Daddy kissing our sweet lil one!

I love my husby!!

Walking to the car

Our back seat. Here soon there will be another car seat where Grandma is sitting

Grandma and her favorite 5 year old!

Josiah being silly right before we went out for dinner. Mom watched the boys so we could enjoy a dinner out alone. Thank you Mom!

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