Friday, August 05, 2011

Truett's Toddler bed

The day we took Dillon down to CHOP's ER we put the boys down for a quick 10 minute nap. Thankfully that is all they were in there for instead of a few hours like normal! Josiah went in and said Truett's leg was stuck through the crib again and this time it was purple! I decided it was time for him to move to a Toddler bed before it loses a leg! I wanted to make the change right away so he will be used to it before the baby comes.

He LOVED his new bed! (This is one I trashed picked - cleaned up and added one bracket to the side rail!)

Going to sleep for the first time...

I checked on him one time and this is what I found...

Then later I found this....

He has done very well with it. I have had to teach him during nap time not to get up and play, but he is getting MUCH better. He has rolled out a few times in the night but I just kiss him and put him back in and he goes right back to sleep. He LOVES waking up in the morning and being able to play with Jay in their room till it is time to get up. In fact I think they were up around 5:30-6:00 this morning! (yes I had some tired cranky boys on my hands today)

The only other thing we are still working on learning is that blankie stays in the bed and does NOT come down with him! He laughs at me every time because he knows he isn't supposed to have it!

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