Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 9 at CHOP

I came in this morning with all the kids to find Dillon without any clothes on, stiff as a board, bright red cheeks, dark brown being vomited out, and heart rate over 200.

My heart sank.

My adrenaline sky rocketed.

I literally dropped everything and started trying to help him calm down. I went to find the nurse and was told that he had a fever and they were going to give him Tylenol. I was told he had a fever in the night of 103 and his capillary refills were a good 3 seconds and then on rounds the doctors were saying they were afraid he was septic (infection in the blood - very dangerous) so they were going to start him on vancomicine - a very strong antibiotic. I was so heart broken. We were supposed to be going home tomorrow and now they think he is septic! The Attending is so sweet she saw I was confused and upset and came in right away to talk with just me. I just started to cry. She gave me a hug and just talked to me. It is so hard to watch your little boy go through so much. It is so hard to be thinking he is getting better and going home then told that it could be weeks before he goes home!

Right after I got there and started to help him, everything started to calm down. his heart rate came down, his fever came down (by 2 degrees which Tylenol doesn't normally do and it came down before the Tylenol should have kicked in), everything calmed!

A doctor came in tonight and said when Dillon wasn't doing good last night they someone asked about it being a seizure - but she was the one who admitted me and was able to tell them very clearly that she knew it was not even though it looks like one b/c we had a big long discussion about it. More like - I told them I would bring legal action if they drugged him again for something I have clearly told them it wasn't. She was so happy that she was able to prevent him from being drugged unnecessarily. I am so thankful she was here last night and remembered and BELIEVED me! :o)

They wanted to draw blood from his artery but after two different doctors were digging in his arm I said they needed to stop and just draw it from a vein. The phlebotist got it right away no problems at all. Of course Dillon was not happy with every one sticking him.

A sweet friend came up to help and spent most of the day here. Other people called to tell me they were praying for us. One of Dillon's therapists came. It turned out to be a great day! Dillon's heart rate was below 130 most of the day, no more fever, no red cheeks, nothing! I asked his nurse if the antibiotic helped that fast but she said he had calmed down BEFORE his first dose!

My friend took the boys home and is keeping them tomorrow for us. They are excited to play with her. I think they are tired of the hospital after two days! :o)

They didn't feed Dillon all day today so tomorrow they will try to start his food again. That, and his temps, will determine when we go home.

Thank you to all who have been praying. It started as a bad day but it turned out to be a good day because of so many friends encouraging me and all the prayers for Dillon!

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