Sunday, January 01, 2012

WAY Behind!

Wow, am I ever WAY behind in my blogging. For those who read my blog, sorry! With four little ones it is somehow getting harder and harder to find time to blog! Imagine that! :o) Get ready to go on a fast forward trip over the last two months with me in pictures!

JayDonn has completed 57 days of homeschool! He has learned "The Lord's Prayer", 9 Bible verses, working on Psalm 100, almost every lower case CURSIVE letter (he already knew all the letters in print), he learns about our community, our country, does art projects, and Daddy has even started him on piano lessons that he practices every day. This day he was allowed to do school in a dress up outfit just for fun!
I really wanted the stickers for the back of my van, it took quite some looking but we finally found one with a boy in a wheelchair! I love my family!

My GramMa - who Haddie is named after - came to spend about 2 weeks with us. While she was here we got to go back to where she used to live. It just so "happens" to be 5 minutes from the church we are helping to start! The church in this picture is where GramMa was saved by grace when she was 12 years old! Praise the Lord - where would I be today if this church wasn't preaching the gospel to young children all those years ago? How will your service for God today effect the next 50+ years??

We were blessed to have both my GramMa and Josiah's Grandma with us for Thanksgiving. As well as Dad and Mom, Hannah and Todd. 4 Generation photo with Josiah's Grandma.

4 Generation photo with my GramMa (minus my Dad - who couldn't be here)

GramMa and GramPa started some churches during their ministry so while she was here, GramMa took some photos in the building we are in right now with Greater Philadelphia Baptist Church. I had not thought to take these photos so I'm glad she did! This is a another church building that we are renting for the time being until we are able to get our own building ready. Please pray with us that we can get into our own building soon. We are limited as to the times of our services, etc at this building and it would be a blessing to get into our own "home".

Josiah and I are working on getting the preaching on video to be able to upload them to the Internet. Since we rent this building we have to set up and take down every service.

Josiah also gets to play piano for the congregation on Sunday nights.

Pastor Matt Manney... and Truett was not up there helping him preach! This was before service. We praise the Lord for the work that is being done, the lives that have already been changed by God's saving power, and pray for more people to come and hear the Gospel!

Daddy and Mommy enjoying our little girl - she sure loves her Daddy - see how she looks at him!?!

Great GramMa with her little name sake!

Jay is such a good big brother! He was so gentle with her (and no - I did not let him walk around like this - he just wanted to try). Haddie just was not very happy at the moment.

This was the night GramMa came - notice Haddie's pants? Both of their middle names are "Love" so I thought they were perfect for the occasion.

I don't know why this is turned - Dillon has been doing better with lifting his head since he got the pool. The more he is in it the more he does this, if we go several days without getting him in he doesn't do as well.

Again - blogger? Why are you turning my photos? This was when we took GramMa back to the train station to go home.

The girls! Great GramMa, granddaughter, and great granddaughter. :o) We had a wonderful time with GramMa here and hope she can come see us again.


This is the first attempt at taking a pair of jeans and turning it into a skirt for Haddie! I am happy with how it turned out and looking forward to making these for years to come! It is good that my kids are little because by the time the skirt will fit her in the waist the length should be long but not to her ankles.

Mommy and her Girley Girl!

This outfit was given to her by her Eco Mummu (Great Grandma) in Canada.

My husband worked very hard and made our house looking amazing for Christmas - but best of all it is a great testimony as he brought attention to what Christmas SHOULD be about....

The sign on the side says "Jesus The ONLY Way Truth Life"

For God so LOVED the World he gave his only Begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him....

...should not perish but have ever lasting life! This is why we celebrate the Baby Jesus - because he humbled himself more than our minds can comprehend to be born on our wicked sinful world and let his own creation KILL him to take our punishment! And all he wants is for us to acknowledge our sinful soul and ask for his gift of his own blood.

The star is on top of a tree about 50 feet high that Josiah climbed up.

Christmas Eve we were working together to build a manager.

Based on the cultrue of the Bible times, we tried to make this manger as realistic as we could. There were no hotels at this time. Everyone had a guest room that family would stay in when they came into town and that was called an "Inn" Since there was so many people in for the census, the guest room was taken. The animals were often kept in a short room below the house to protect them from thieves and also to use their body heat to help warm the house as people slept. It is very possible Joseph and Mary were staying in this short room below the house since the guest room was already occupied. Christmas day! Let me tell you - it is HARD to get these four ll looking good and at the camera at the same time! This was the best shot I got!

Hadassah Love's first Christmas! At her 3.5 month check up she was 11 lbs - so she is still a petite little girl - despite the chubby cheeks! Normally babies double their birth weight by 4 months - that would mean Haddie would have to gain 2 pounds in the next week! LOL

Dillon loves his little sister!

Haddie opening a gift from Great GramMa - she actually got the ribbon off all on her own!

My wonderful sweet Husband and I. (ignore Jay's head!)

He is such a little ham!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

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AWESOME thank for catching us up i mis them sooooo much i wish i could see them more even on skype, kiss them all for us. we love you and mom