Monday, January 23, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Dillon came home Sunday afternoon!

We are so happy to be home together. We have a lot of catching up to do this week! Laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, school, cleaning, etc etc etc. But it is good to be home to do all that.

I recalculated Dillon's feeding pump numbers yesterday to be sure he is getting the full amount. It seems it is going to take time to get used to this pump. It keeps stopping on us and doing weird things.

Thank you to everyone who told us they were praying. It made our time there easier to know that people were lifting us up in prayer. And the days when I was most discouraged many people called or wrote little notes of encouragement. Thank you.

I will try to keep people updated as he continues to get better. Please pray with me that when they retest him in several weeks they will find that he is not aspirating so he doesn't have to be on the pump 23 hours a day!!


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