Tuesday, April 03, 2007

All Settled?

HAHA! I love it. People keep asking me if we are "all settled"? Yeah right! My answer is - we are "IN" but not "SETTLED" that is going to take a long while!
It is nice in our new home. Josiah and I enjoy having a bedroom instead of a basement. It has doors on the closets so we don't have to look at my clothes, it has a nice white ceiling instead of pipes, it has two windows instead of feeling like a dungeon, it has nice think carpet instead of that thin stuff over cement. We were very thankful for the apartment God provided us with, it really was quite big considering the amount we had to pay for rent in that area, but having a house really is nice. I can't wait to get it all unpacked so we can start inviting people over. So far - only Becky has seen it (out of my friends that is). And that is because she helped us on moving day! My goal is to be done - really done - by the time JayDonn comes. While that may seem like a long time to some it really isn't considering how much you have to unpack and organize plus doing things like hanging blinds and doing some other work around the house it takes a long time. And then you add Dillon into the mix and how am I supposed to get things done when he wants to cuddle?! :-)

Whenever I get this house in order I will post pictures - but not a moment before that! So if you want to see if before that time comes - you will just have to invite yourself over. :-D

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