Thursday, April 19, 2007

One of those days....

I went this morning a little after 9 to a check up for JayDonn. I knew they wanted to do blood work to test for sugar so I told them (since they are always SOOO behind) as soon as I got there that I had to be done by 11 since I had someplace else to be. I told them they needed to get me going for the blood work right away. They waited until I was done my whole appointment to then want to start the blood work which would then require me to drink something and wait an hour! What is wrong with these people? Why not give me the drink while I wait to be seen then let me go right down and give blood.
So I couldn't stay becuase of my prior commitment - which turned out not to have gone like it was supposed to either. I was able to fellowship for a few minutes and spend a lot of money on lunch :-( but wasn't able to be helpful to my friend like I was planning. So I could have stayed for the blood work. I have to go now next week for the blood work on the only day I will be back in the area - but that day already has a two hour appointment for Dillon's hearing test and a normal check up with his doctor and church in the evening.
Then to top it all off I took a paper to the doctor for them to sign so Dillon's therapist are allowed to start working with him so I asked to have him weighed while I was there. 10 days ago I was told by them that he weighed 11.5 lbs - I was thrilled he was gaining weight! Today they tell me he is 10lb 4 oz. (His chart had 11lb 4 oz written) so they were saying he lost a WHOLE POUND in 10 days??? I don't think so. Their scale must have been off last time. This means Dillon has not gained ANY weight since Jan!
PLUS since Monday he has been having these weird twitches that the therapist and Josiah think are seizures so the nuerologist upped his medicine (you know - the one that I think is the cause to why he can't gain weight...) last night. I don't think they are seizures becuase his stomach is making noises almost everytime when he is having the twitches. So I think something is going on with his stomach - but what? That is the millon dollar question! If you can answer it I will give you a millon dollars! (Okay so I don't have that but I sure would hug you and be thrilled!!)
I think I am going to take Dillon upstairs and take a nap with him - maybe when I wake up this day will start going right. :-)


Abbi said...

I hope you and Dillon are snoozing the afternoon away, right now. And when you wake up you will notice that the sun is (finally) shining here in PA, and spring may (finally) actually be here (only a month late), and your day will be a WHOLE lot better!!! Sometimes a nap is all that it takes, and you should get all of those that you can!

Katina said...

I hope you are napping right now too! A nap really does make a big difference to a tired pregnant lady...even just to a tired non-pregnant Momma! Good idea!

Tiffany said...

yeah - about that nap - it isn't going to happen -for a while anyways! :-) I have to try to figure out where to get a vitimin supplement so we can change Dillon's diet tonight in hope of him gaining weight.
Thanks for the encouragment though!

Anne said...

The four girls who got to ride in your car, Mr. Anger, and I sure appreciate you being willing to take time out of your busy day to help us out... Thank you!