Friday, April 20, 2007

New Diet

Last night Josiah and I decided it was time to change Dillon's diet. Josiah picked him up some organic baby formula but after speaking with his mom, we thought we would try lactose-free instead. There are 3 people (at least) on Si's side of the family that are lactose intolerant. He got his first "normal" formula last night. He seemed to handle this well. I got up about 4:30am to check on him and there was very little stuff that he had coughed up. I suctioned Dillon anyways and got a normal amount from his nose. Then when Si got up about 7, he said Dillon still had not coughed much up at all. Once Daddy woke him though he did cough a little more. :-) Then during the day he was getting protein supplement with 5ml of fish oil. The fish oil provides the fat. However, between the fact that he did not dirty a diaper since yesterday and the change he did not handle his day feeds well at all. Around 8pm I gave him the formula instead of protein/oil combination and he did not do well with that so I do not think it is so much of what he was getting today as much as it was how much he was getting. I accidentally made the formula a little thicker last night - which is fine - other than it means he got even more fat on top of the fact that the formula has more fat than the goat milk. I think I basically fed him too much today! :-( oops. Well I guess it is better to give a 10 pound 10 month old too much than too little.
Please pray for these two things when you think of Dillon:
1. That we will figure out what is causing him to have pains/gas in his stomach so we can help it to go away
2. That he will gain weight! He supposed to see the doctor on Wed - please really lift him up before the Lord and ask that Dillon might gain even a few ounces before then. (If he hasn't gained any on my home scale I may have to cancel his appointment and reschedule the appointment. I am not sure if I will do that or not yet though.)
Thank you for your continued prayers for him - you don't know how much it means to me and how much it encourages me to know people are always praying for him. There are times when I feel too discouraged because I am not sure what God's will is to really pray for Dillon - but I know that there is always at least one person who has prayed for him each day.


Abbi said...

Aww! We'll pray that Dills-ville will start packin' on the pounds! Let us know how he's doing on his new diet.

Anonymous said...

I have never sent a post but I wanted you to let Tiffany and Josiah know that there has not one day since Dillion has been born, that I have not prayed for him! He is in my prayers every day. I will continue to pray for him and Mommy and Daddy also. They are two wonderful parents and God knows that or He would have never sent Dillon to them! Please let them know, Joe and I are praying all the time. This too shall pass and Dillion will gain weight!
God is good!

Sandy & Joe

Anonymous said...

Dear Tiffany and Si,

Just to let you know there are many people
praying for Dillon in California! I have one
fairly new Christian friend who prays daily for
him and is always ready to hear my updates..
I will pass this request on ..and remember
on the days you can't pray there are others who
Love, Tom and Eileen