Wednesday, April 25, 2007

*Drum Roll Please*

Dillon weighs.....*drum roll please*...... 10 pounds 11 ounces!!! He was at 10 - 4 and this time he was weighed on the same scale as last time. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!! Please keep praying for him.
Also - the audiologist was able to turn down both of Dillon's hearing aides today. This is probably NOT due to any improvement with the nerves but due to the fact that he seems to be out growing some of the congestion. His right ear didn't change that much but there seems to be a big improvement in his left ear. He is even getting into the conversation level a little. This means that if we talk really loud near his left ear he will probably hear it as a whisper. His ear drum is still not working at all though. This is either due to fluid behind the ear drum or due to structural problem. If it is structural then it happened in the first trimester, but this is unlikely. It is most likely fluid, but we have to see an ENT before we will know for sure. IF it is fluid as he gets older and bigger they can do some things to remove it and that should improve his hearing even more!
Maybe these two things were the improvements I (well - we - as I know you all pray too!) have been praying so hard for.


Rachel said...

Praise the Lord! That is so exciting to hear! :o)

Praying for ya!

Abbi said...

Yay Dillon on the weight gain!! We'll keep praying for you!