Monday, April 09, 2007

If its not one thing....

its another. Dillon decided to cough a whole last out last night and I didn't hear him. So this morning when I went into his room he had all the junk all in his right eye (who know how long it was there maybe for hours - I don't know).
{The left eye is the one with the little mark under it from his little "trip" he decided to take. So one eye is black and blue and the other is red and swollen}.
It was red and puffy so I cleaned it off with a wash cloth and put eye drops in like I normally do when I have seen it before (never this much though). But a few hours later it was still swollen shut and red and he was making so many cry faces I called the doctor. They saw him this afternoon and said it looks infected. They took a culture to see what it is exactly but gave me drops for his eyes and said if it isn't better in 5 days to get him in again. I am treating it as though it is contagious - I didn't ask if it was but since they don't know what it is they will tell me to treat it as though it is and if it isn't great. So I will be missing class tonight and taking care of my poor little boy who seems to like excitement these last few days.
The "Same Lake, Different Boat" book talks about how every family has relentlessness but it is worse when you have special needs - boy does that seem true lately! If it isn't one thing - its another! :-)

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Abbi said...

Poor Dillon! I hope your eye heals soon!!