Saturday, April 07, 2007

My First Boo-Boo

I got my first Boo-boo tonight. Mommy had me sitting on the sofa like I normally do and she went into the kitchen to make dinner. She heard me coughing and came to check on me but didn't see me sitting on the sofa. She is very confused at how I did it - but somehow I sumersalted off of the sofa when I coughed and landed on the floor - good thing Daddy got nice thick carpet put in! Mommy thinks I threw my head forward to hard that I just kept going. See - I am a strong boy! I just have to learn HOW to use my strength. I have a small mark under my left eye lid and it is a little purple but I'm okay. Mommy gave me some medicine to make it feel better and put a cold cloth on it. I am going to have a nice colored eye tomorrow for my first Easter though.

Have a good Easter everyone. (One thing Mommy has been thinking about with Easter is - there isn't anything she wouldn't do to heal me if she could. I am sure many of you feel the same way. NONE of you would have willing let this happen to me, I'm sure. Yet God willing let His Son suffer so much and die for us. Makes you think - doesn't it?)



Borbe Bunch said...

Hi Tiffany,
I just commented on my blog to you :) I will write here too...let me just say, I love your attitude in raising your precious son, an encouragement to me and a gift from God!
What you wrote about desiring Dillion to be healed, is my same heart for Ezra, yet as you wrote, God is our PERFECT example of willingly giving up His Son...knowing that HE had a perfect plan, just as God has a perfect PLAN for our sons...the Bible story that touches my heart is Abraham giving up his son, Isaac, trusting in God's perfect plan...not seeing the future, but having FAITH in an almighty God!
Your sister in Christ,
Happy Easter!

Rachel said...

Dillon! I'm sure you scared your Mommy pulling a stunt like that. You really should be more careful. :o)