Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Want to hear a blessing? The appeal for the 1.5 hour extra per night of nursing care was scheduled for today at 2:30. Mrs Y was going to go to Philly with me, where we were going to meet up with our lawyer to appeal the decision not to grant us the extra time. Yesterday, out of the blue, they called me and said, "Your appeal is scheduled for tomorrow?"
"Well you have been approved!"
"Wait, so does that mean I don't have to come? They decided to give us the extra hours?"

Praise the Lord! This saves me a trip into Philly, trying to find parking, paying $20 to park, going to the meeting, etc. I called the lawyer to let her know she didn't have to go and I asked if this is normal. She said no, what probably happened is no one looked at our case until yesterday and when they did they said "Why are we fighting this?" And since no one had a good answer they decided to approve it!


Kuenzis in WV said...

Praise the Lord. Kiss the little pumpkin boys for us.
Love and prayers,
Dad, Mom and Hannah

Anne said...

That is so neat:o) Don't you just love it when the Lord does the unexpected?!?!

Happymama said...

It is so neat to see how the Lord just works everything out. I love to see His hands move, don't you?