Saturday, October 27, 2007


Everyone's favorite: Pictures! Hope you enjoy.

That's one way to enjoy a "good" book!

My mom will appreciate this picture more than anyone else!

He's an angel when he's sleeiping

He's always an angel - and I don't mean that he's always sleeping (although that's true too...)

I can't help taking pictures of him sucking his thumb

Daddy and Dillon sitting together

He is so content in his Daddy's arms

Finally! The pumpkin patch pictures! Jay didn't like being put don't in the pumpkins though.

If you can remember the picture taken from last year, Dillon is so much bigger. I couldn't get a good picture of him. He kept falling over so I had to just quick take it. Ican't believe the difference a year can make!

I really liked how the picture of Dillon and I turned out last year. This year I was a mess from trying to take care of the two of them, but it is a memorable picture nontheless.

I love you, Dillon!!

I love you too Jay!

He is still a little short for this. Plus he gets mad after about five minues, but it is cute. His eyes are level with tray if he weren't sitting on a blanket.

I love the men in my life. This is Daddy greeting JayDonn yesterday when he came home from work.

Daddy saying Hi to his "Dillon-Boy"

Daddy was playing with a remote control car in front of Jay. Jay was having a great time trying to catch it and eat it.

I have some videos, but honestly I don't want to put them on right now - it takes a lot of time to upload each one and then link it to my blog. So maybe I can do it later. Have a great weekend everyone!


Kinfolk in West Virginia said...

Coming to see you all in 6 days, Lord willing. Until then we'll just have to look at the pictures every day!! Love and Prayers,
Dad, Mom, & Hannah

Abbi said...

Aww! What sweet photos! And I think your pumpkin patch "family" picture looks great!!

By the way, it looks like you have that exersaucer seat on wrong, and that may be the reason that Jay is so low in there. I think the seat pad is supposed to come up over the red frame and attach underneath. Those things are such a pain to assemble. And then to take the seat out to wash them when accidents happen...ah! Anyhow, I could be wrong, but you might want to take a second look at that. Because Jay should definitely be big enough to enjoy the exersaucer. And they are SUCH Mommy Sanity Savers!!