Sunday, October 07, 2007


I put JayDonn down on the floor next to Dillon. A few minutes later I came back into the living room to see this...
He turned enough to get his feet on Dillon and fell asleep. I think we have to teach Jay not to "walk all over his big brother!" (quite literally!!)

This is a mom who lives right near me. Her daughter has the same physical therapist and vision teacher. The little girl has clouded corneas so she can see light, but nothing else. Please pray for them. She had one cornea transplant and it didn't work she will be having one in each eye again soon. Please pray I can be an encouragement to them!
Walks are hard work when you have to sit in a stroller and look at everything that goes by!
Isn't she beautiful?
Daddy put their car seat in the van on Saturday. It is much better this way. It was very hard to get Dillon in without hitting his head since he is getting so long but still can't hold his head. I can sit on the back seat and face them. Daddy even put a cool light in the van so I can see Dillon better - I'll have to get a picture of that sometime.

Jay loves his new car seat, he can sit tall and look around. Plus he can see Mommy instead of the back of a seat!
Dillon has had a rough day today. He did not do well the whole way to church, during church, and home from church. He did okay in the afternoon and then was terrible during night church. The poor boy just has so much to cough out. He is resting right now on the floor with oxygen. If you think about it, please pray he will have a better day on Monday. I have been trying to do his therapy with him, he seems to like it. I did it a lot on Saturday and he enjoyed it. We take Sundays off, so tomorrow I will start again - IF he is feeling better. Thank you - and remember - praying DOES make a difference! If you start to doubt if God is hearing our prayers for Dillon just remember that he is now able to hear!! (That's what I do when I start thinking that God isn't answering our prayers!)

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