Friday, June 06, 2008

Answer to Med Test


An ER visit!

Yup, Josiah and I took Dillon to the ER tonight. (Jay is with the Ys)

We are at Pottstown for now, but there is a good possibility of going to CHOP by ambulance as they don't like to handle him with all his needs here in Pottstown.

His oxygen has been very low and he is struggling to breathe and his heart rate has been 160-235 since 3am. He has a fever of 103 as of when we got here.

They are going to do a chest X-ray to see if he has pneumonia as we suspect.

Please keep him in prayer. We will let you know when we have any new information.

Thank you,Tiffany

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Nanette said...

I am praying for Dillon, and I am praying for you too. I hope he feels better soon.