Friday, June 06, 2008

Medical Knowledge Test

Test your medical knowledge:

Patient is a 23 month old, male child with hypotonic quadriplegic CP, CVI, seizures. Patient is currently on Ketogenic diet and has been responding well. Seizures stopped for two weeks then resumed to normal for a week and are starting to slow down again. Patient's blood sugar on diet is normally 50-85. Patient is currently experiencing symptoms of an unknown reason.

  1. Blood draining from patients left ear
  2. After being on drops for ear infection for about 12 hours patient's heart rate is extremely high (160-235)
  3. Patient having trouble breathing. Requiring 1-2 liters per minute of oxygen, respiration very swallow and fast
  4. Junk draining from left ear after 24 hours on ear drops
  5. Dr said the drops would not be causing enough pain to increase heart rate
  6. Ear drops do not have any sugar or starch in it to throw off diet
  7. 4 molars are pushing through in the patent's gums, but have not been causing any pain prior to this event
  8. Current blood sugar readings are as follows; 118 at 10am, 122 at 11am, 104 at 12pm
  9. Temperature is normally 96 for patient, is currently 98-99.6
  10. Given Tylenol at 12pm and 4pm, has not lowered heart rate or decreased temp.
  11. Increased amount of secretions
  12. Given albuterol nebulizer treatment for the wheezing in chest and shallow breathing
Your diagnosis?

Okay - so none of you have to actually try to figure Dillon out! I just thought I would share with you what is going on with him today in a more creative way. Please pray for Dillon, and wisdom for us to know how to help him. I think he is in pain, but I am not sure if it is from the teeth or from his ear. I also do not know why his blood sugar is so high. We will not have nurses until at least Monday so it is going to be a long weekend. 

I know you all are praying, and I appreciate it so much! I have been asked so many times how is it that I am able to handle all the stress of a child like Dillon especially when we are not getting sleep...I can truly say God must be answering prayers for superhuman strength and energy to carry me through.

(My computer is down right now - so no pictures for now. I am using a different computer. Hopefully I can get pics on in a few weeks and catch up!)

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Alesha said...

Tiffany, did you give regular children's Tylenol syrup for the fever? If so, that might account for the blood sugar, as it isn't sugar-free.

Do you know how to do chest percussives? I'd do extra of those while he's wheezing.

You can also piggy-back Motrin with Tylenol. Sometimes Motrin will bring the fever down faster, at least that's what I've found.

I'll be praying he feels better soon.