Monday, June 09, 2008


Home! And very tired!

Dillon also had what they call parainfluenza 3. It is a virus that affects the airway. Thankfully we have Dad Mom and Hannah here helping us as our nurse CALLED OFF INDEFINITELY. She has called off day by day for the last two weeks, now she is quitting on us. Please pray we can find replacement soon!!!!! It is so critical for our health, Dillon's health, our state of mind, as well as for Jay that Josiah and I can sleep. I really don't want to do another couple months until we get another nurse. Every single time the nurses have called off for a length of time like this Dillons has ended up in the hospital, it is so bad for his health. He suffers because we can't find anyone to care for him and we simply cannot be awake all night since we have Jay and have to be awake during the day too. 

Please, please, PLEASE pray we get someone good soon! Thank you so much!

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elPadawan said...

Hi. I was right in front of you when you were waiting at independence hall for the open house. I saw the sign on the stroller, and followed the link. Odd fact, your Dillon and I are both born on the 16th of June, though a couple dozen years apart from each other.

You seem to have a very strong faith. Nevertheless I think your motherly love does even more wonders for your children ;).

May you find soon another nurse.