Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day Dad S and Dad K
Dillon and Jay say: Happy Father's Day Daddy!!

Tonight at church Pastor asked for testimonies of something with Father's Day or witnessing opportunities. I quickly raised my hand, but was not called on to share my testimony and my husband keeps asking me what I was going to share...

I was going to praise the Lord for my wonderful husband. It is hard enough to be a good father to healthy children where you have to worry about protecting them from sin and from Satan. Trying to teach them to do right and refuse evil, trying to win their hearts at a young age. 

But my husband has all that work plus so much more with Dillon. He is a great father to both our boys, but it is so precious to see him with Dillon. 

Josiah you are amazing. There have been times when you have made me mad at how well you "ignore" Dillon's disabilities. I know now you just have such a strong unconditional love for Dillon that you don't let what he cannot do stop you from enjoying your son. I used to worry about you playing with Dillon in the air or how you hold him, etc. but you are just playing with your little boy. I know you are the best Father Dillon could have been given. God knew just what He was doing when He allowed you to be Dillon's Daddy. 

You are so patient, with Dillon and with me, you are levelheaded and do not react quickly when we are given bad news. I have had times in the past two years where I was angry at God for allowing Dillon to be so hurt, but you have never wavered in your faith. I have never seen you get upset at God, you have always looked for God's plan and how He wants to use us in this situation.  You have always been there for me to cry on you and pour my heart out. I think of the family we were told about where the Father killed himself. I am so sorry for the family's loss and my heart brakes for them. I am also so thankful because you bear all the weight of raising a disabled child and just keep on with life and serving God. You have not allowed us to be swallowed up in the stress, you have always made sure we kept going to church, the store, and everywhere with Dillon. I am so thankful for you, God really did hand pick you to be Dillon's father as you are one of the few who could love a child like Dillon unconditionally.

I love you Josiah...Happy Father's Day


elPadawan said...

Happy birthday to little Dillon :)

Tiffany said...

Thank you! And thank you for checking out my blog. I was very excited when I saw someone had looked at it on Saturday. It was our first time going out with the sign so I wasn't sure if people would look at it!

Anonymous said...

Tiff Josiah IS a great father, but underestimate your self, God gave Dillon to two GREAT parents. I have cried for all of you many times and thanked God he gave Dillon to both of you. You are a great mother too.

elPadawan said...

I didn't really dare ask anything (even though your sign encouraged it), because I found it a litle unsettling and awkward. At first glance, several things could have led Dillon to be as he is now.

I know now that he "started" with problems, and you all fight them together, and he is making progress, which is a more comforting thought than if he started perfectly healthy and due to some tragic event, went downhill from them on.

As you may recall from Ben Franklin's words about the Sun on the back of Washington's chair, that he was happy that to know this is a rising and not a setting sun, I think it applies to Dillon as weel.