Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birthday Activities


Birthday Boy
Lifting his head while His Grandma S tells him happy birthday
"I'm a BIG boy now!!"
It's my 2nd Birthday!
Me with my nurse, Miss Barb
Jay's eating like usual
Grandma Y made Dillon a birthday cake!
This one was Dillon's own little cake (but Daddy, Aunty Hannah and Mommy split it)
His favorite place to be - where the food is!
Look at that smile!
Jay brings so much joy and laughter into our home
He has 6 teeth (Dillon has 8)

I just had to get some of these to tease Jay about later in life

Birthday Dinner! Salad with Asian sesame dressing and curry with chicken and potatoes!
Yummy! Dillon is sitting near the table that is decorated just for him.
Dillon's birthday balloon! It is a yellow smily face
Mommy kissing her birthday boy. (Hannah did my hair)
I think he liked all the celebration!
The family!
Aunt Hannah is here helping us care for Dillon at night for a little while until we get a night nurse. 
I like this picture
Getting ready to open cards and gifts
Jay really liked Dillon's gift
So much so that he was taking it across the room with him
Lots of cards!!

This one had a fuzzy part for Dillon to feel
Yup, he's my child....you give him money and that is the ONE thing he kept hold of! :-)
His hat from Great Grandma K
Jay really doesn't like hats, but it is so much fun to put them on him
and watch him take them off
Clothes for my growing boy!
Where's my cards? ;-) Soon baby boy, just two weeks and it will be your day!
All of Dillon's gifts and cards

I love my little boy!
Someone is getting sleepy...
or maybe he was just wanting some attention too

Birthday cake!!!
Blow out your candles Dillon
Lots of candles

Our family!

Okay, we know he isn't supposed to have any - but we just had to give him a TINY taste of his icing, it IS his birthday after all.
Jay loves the ice cream, but he has to wait until his birthday for cake
Tired after a long day of celebrating
Daddy enjoying Annette's cake. It was SOOO good! Thank you so much for making it for us. You are so sweet (crazy, but sweet!)
Birthday napkins
Mommy and her boy
Cherish the moments...
I used to hate pictures, but then I started thinking...I would rather have pictures where I don't like how I look and have the memories of my family then no pictures at all!

Look at me showing off on my birthday! I'm standing!! (With help of course, Dillon was supporting his weight I was just keeping him from falling over as he has no balance)
You are the strongest, smartest, most determined two year old I know. I wouldn't be able to fight for life like you have all these months now. You are amazing Dillon!

I did have a moment of crying. Tears for what Dillon will never be, tears for what he has been through, tears for the trials we have faced.
BUT he is alive on his second birthday to hold my hand. He didn't die in the NICU, he is alive and doing great!

He's amazing

Daddy was reading the boys a story and told Jay not to touch the book. So what does he do? He grabs Daddy's finger and touches everything on the page. Crazy kid!
He is too smart for my own good
Enjoying our time together
Aunty Hannah talking on the phone to Dad and Mom after all the celebrations

Lots of pictures, I know. I hope you enjoy them and feel like you were here with us rejoicing in the miracle of a second birthday for Dillon!


sbcjr said...


Thank you for sharing the pictures. May the Lord bless you all.

Happy birthday, Dillon!

Kay said...

Hey Tiff, I know I don't comment much, but I wanted you to know that I love reading about how Dillon is doing! I can't immagine being in your place, and I think its amazing what God's doing with Dillons life! Happy Birthday Dillon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the pictures and the video. We missed seeing the video the first time (so glad we looked twice). Glad you had a great birthday, Dillon. Love you all. Grandpa and Grandma (Dad and Mom) in WV

Anonymous said...

I wish you could've seen my face when I saw Dillon's birthday pictures...my jaw literally dropped when I saw how well he was doing holding his head up!! WOW!!! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these pics with us...I love getting Dillon updates because it is obvious the Lord's hand is on your little boy and on you!! Praying in Oklahoma....Wendy G