Saturday, June 07, 2008


I just wanted to put a quick note on here, today is a day of many occasions. It is Dad K's birthday and Dad and Mom K's anniversary.

It is also my little sister's birthday. She would have been celebrating her sweet 16 today. Katharina Nicole was born June 7, 1992. She was very early and only weighed a little over 2 pounds. She was healthy and was a fighter. However, on June 9th, for unknown reasons, she died.

I don't know why God allowed her and my other sister, Danielle (still-born Dec 13, 1990) to die. I do know I will see them in Heaven one day! I know they will get to see their little nephew, Dillon, in heaven too. It is my prayer JayDonn will accept the Lord as his personal Savior when he is older so he will see his aunts one day as well!

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