Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dillon out of Surgery

Yesterday Dillon was scheduled to go for tubes/adenoids at 7am, but someone thought he was sick and took him off the schedule so he went from 12am till 5pm with no food hoping they were going to fit him in. They never did.

But today he had the surgery and everything went well. They took the breathing tube out right away which they weren't expecting to do. He was on room air (no CPAP or oxygen) all day. Praise the Lord! He was awake and moving right after the surgery! They only have a nose trumpet in right now - just to help keep his airway open because of swelling. Tomorrow they will probably take it out and see how he does. We are back on the ICU floor and have our own room again.

Thank you for praying, it is such a relief to have him out and off the breathing tube! It will be several more days until they are comfortable with him being off CPAP for 6-8 hours at a time. Hopefully then we can talk about coming home!!!Thank you for praying for him and us.

We have had SO many chances to talk with people and give out his story. So keep praying for all those who are getting it.

There are so many kids and their stories I would love to tell you about, but I can't - there are just too many. I will ask you to pray for three little ones:
1. A - 2 years old. Has had over 40 surgeries to drain the extra fluid his brain is making - there is nothing they can do as the shunts are failing except to do more surgery on his brain every couple of days. They told his mom something about just keep doing the suregeries until she decides to stop (which would mean her little boy would die). Has 5 year old sister

2. J - almost 4 years old. An Amish family that had the room next to our original PICU room. I am not sure what is the under laying cause but he needs bone marrow and now has mold in his lungs. They have tried 10 antibiotics and they are not working. His life is in real danger as this mold in his lungs is not responding well to any treatments. His mom told me they have a "long dark road ahead" and also that they "may not be here much longer". Has 5 month old sister

3. K - 3 years old. Had the 3rd in a set of 3 heart surgeries to try to fix a defect she was born with. Again, I am not sure the details but things are not good and she is now also having trouble with her lungs. Her grandma is the one I have been talking with. Has a 15 month old brother.

PLEASE pray for these three - their lives are standing in the balance, pray for them, pray for their families, pray for wisdom for their doctors, most of all pray for their souls!!!


Anonymous said...

wow, we will be in prayer for these little kids. It sounds heart breaking.

Glad our little man is doing sooo much better give him a kiss from us.

love you Dad and mom s.

Mary M. Dare said...

Met you today and you gave me a copy of "Dillon's Joourney" ...what a testimony! Your transparency talking aboout you real feelings through this have helped many, I'm sure who are used to putting on a mask as though things are 'all right;' while their hearts are breaking on the inside..God Bless You..and I hope to get to know you ( and your precious boys) better..In Christian love, Mary Dare