Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin - Special Needs!

 Please watch Gov Palin's speech- and pass it on to everyone you know. I got goosebumps when I watched it. While I am having to spend hours and hours fighting stupid games my state insurance is playing to keep from having to buy Dillon equipment, there is someone running for the Vice President of the United States who has promised to be a friend and advocate for families with special needs. Children like Dillon not only need McCain/Palin in power to save their life (Obama is Pro-DEATH) but also need someone like her in charge who will change our government and help these children. (I agree with so many the other issues she talked about that you just have to watch it yourself!)

Please take 36 minutes to watch this - it even has the words beside it to follow along. 

If you do not have time, this is the part with the address to Speical Needs families it is only about 10 minutes long:
Part 1


Lauren Clark said...

Tiffany - this is Lauren Clark from IL. I am Angi Kimberlin's sister - we have met a few times. I faithfully read your blog and update my family and sometimes even my church on what is going on with Dillon =) We are praying for you... I wanted to let you know I was watching Sarah Palin's speech and I SPECIFICALLY thought of you when she mentioned being an advocate for families such as yours. I REALLY like her and almost wish she was running for president, haha. Well, i wont keep you, but I wanted to make sure you know there are other people paying attention and applauding you! Keep up the good work with your 2 little blessings - you will be rewarded greatly one day for all the love and time you share with them =) We are praying for you and Josiah!

Aimee said...

wow! i watched the speech, but i guess i missed that part when i was putting will to bed. thanks for sharing the clip, that's amazing, and just raises my respect level for sarah palin even more.

Anne said...

I thought of you guys immediately when I heard her say that... and I was definitely cheering her on!!! Love ya!