Monday, September 08, 2008

Yesterday evening we took Dillon to CHOP ER, he has been having trouble breathing and just needing more oxygen than normal and it was getting worse and worse to the point where we felt he needed to be seen. We were admitted around 1am to the ICU floor.
This is a quick update on him: Dillon does not have pnuemonia so they are waiting for all the blood/stool/secretion cultures to come back and see if they can pinpoint which virus or bacteria is causing his issues. We applied for a Ronald McDonald room for tonight so I don't know yet if we have one. We had a room in the hospital last night and it served its purpose. Dillon is doing pretty good he was only on one liter last night so today I want them to try to lower it. They suctioned a TON out of him in the ER but were gentle and didn't make him bleed. They were calling back for a room with him at a medium critical level then they saw his nose flairing and called it back critical saying the nose flairing is a sign he has really been struggling. It is good we brought him to see if he does need any medication. They are doing albuterol and they did give him one dose of steroid. He does have another ear infection in the opposite ear than last time. I think a lot of this boils down to him needing the tubes placed again. Jay is doing ok so far, but he isn't wanting to sit still I have to keep taking walks and taking him to the play room. I am going to see about taking a few toys back to the room with us. They are also putting Dillon on a mask instead of the nasal O2, so I think we will be able to lower the O2 with that too. His white blood count was 17 (a little on the high side) last night. Today it was 12. Last night his blood sugar was 94, which is higher than it has been. They thought it was from the stress of everything but today it was 120 I think so I am not sure if it is just high since they skipped 2 meals or what.

Well better get back - I will update as I know stuff. I have no working phone in the room and no cell phone but I do have email! Josiah had to go in to work today so it is just Dillon, Jay and I!!


Anne said...

Praise the Lord Dillon doesn't have pneumonia!!! That's never fun. I'm also glad that he didn't bleed when he was suctioned... poor little guy! You know I would come help you if I could, but I'm a little *ahem* far, but I am definitely praying for you! Hopefully Jay stays entertained with the toys and isn't curious with everything going on around him! Riiiight:o). How are YOU doing??? I sure wish I could be there at times like these, but ya'll are definitely in my thoughts and prayers... tell Dillon his favorite auntie from Thailand said hello and she loves him!!!

Dear Abbi said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Dillon is back in the hospital! We will pray for him and you too! Thanks for the update.

Alesha said...

Oh, bummer! Sorry for another stay at "Club Med"! Yay for an easy suctioning. Sometimes those are so traumatic!

We'll be praying for healing of your little man, patience for little brother and wisdom and peace for mom and dad.


Rachel said...

Praying for ya!

Anonymous said...

Keep us updated!

~ Katie Spang.