Thursday, January 15, 2009

Answer to story and Nurse Update

Sorry I got busy and forgot to put the answer to what is "Bobby" Many of you were right - its Potty! Every morning we sit him on his potty where he eats breakfast on the little table I made him, so he was saying potty. I guess experienced Moms were able to figure it out, but it took me a while.

Nurses - we have a nurse who is going to start next week but only for one day a week. So that will gaive us 3 of the 7. My nurse for this Saturday just called off. So we had her last Saturday night, tonight, and not again till next Thursday night. Please keep praying for strength. God has been so good, Dillon had so many wonderful nights where we were able to sleep, but he is starting to have trouble again. Last night was especially bad. His machine kept beeping becuase his oxygen tube was slipping out of his nose - even though we taped it to his cheeks.

Some mornings Josiah and I would say "Dillon's angels must have been taking care of him last night!" Because he had done so well - will pray with me that God would allow more of the good nights until we can get a nurse for the other nights?

Thank you.


Dear Abbi said...

I've been praying that Dillon will have good nights for you until you get a nurse. So sorry he (and you) had a rough night! He was great for me at church...I wish it had been the other way around, for your sake!

Anonymous said...

praying for Dillons "angels" to return. I hope you get a nurse quickly, maybe tomorrow you will get a call. We love you

Grandpa and Grandma S.