Monday, January 12, 2009

Funny Story

Here is a funny story I thought I would share with you. For several weeks now Jay has been saying "Bobby" when we go into his room in the morning to bring him downstairs. The whole way down he says "Bobby". We were trying so hard to figure out who Bobby is? We thought we has saying Puppy since he can hear dogs barking sometimes. But no - he can clearly say puppy. So what is he saying??

Several days ago I finally figured it out!! I solved the mystery!!!

BUT Just for fun I will tell tomorrow the meaning of "Bobby" (Those who I have told already aren't allowed to write what it means - but I am interested if anyone wants to guess! :-) )


Dear Abbi said...


Anonymous said...

that is my guess

QuiltingB29 said...


Anonymous said...

"Bobby?" everone knows that means potty--duh

Grandpa S

Grandma K. said...

I think it means "I want to go to Grandma's house!!"