Thursday, January 22, 2009

Modern Convenience?

I am so thankful for the modern conveniences we have today. They usually make life so much easier...usually. Right before we got married Josiah bought a new washing machine for his new bride. It worked great - saved me hours of doing laundry by hand. However, in about three years it broke and was going to cost about $400 to fix! So he decided to buy his wife a new one instead that was reduced in price because of dents. So he did. And 6 months later it is broken!

AHHHH!!! Why do my washing machines break so soon when other people tell me they have had their for 10-20 years?? I mean I know I do a LOT of laundry but common!

Ready for the blessing though - this one is still covered under the warranty so it will all be free to get it fixed. I just have to wait for that to happen and let my laundry build, build, build. Thankfully I was almost all caught up when it broke so it isn't like I have a mountain already.

Laundry mat you and I are about to meet!

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Anonymous said...

jajajaj, laundry mat and i are already friends for a very long time lol, he is really faithfull hehe, hope they fix the washing machine soon, i can imagine with two babies the piles can gro very fast :S ... at least is very good that it has garantee,

God bless !!!