Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dillon Update

Dillon has been doing very well, dispite the fact that we have not patterned him since last Thursday.

Blessing #1: He has even started this thing where sometimes he will coo when we show him his pictures! When I turn the picutre he coos again. When I take them away he stops. When I show him again, he does it again. Robin and I are thrilled as we have seen this several times and fully believe he is telling us he is seeing something. Do you know what this means?? He is starting to communicate a little bit to us!!!!! Please pray for this to continue and to get better each day!

Blessing #2: Dillon even starting to kick his way down the ramp again a little bit this week. Not as well as before Christmas but still he is starting to get better.

Not a blessing - but an update: Last Friday we had to take him to Quest for blood work. Due to the diet he is on the doctor needs to run a lot of tests - about 13, which means about 13 vials needed filled. The phlebotomists were having a hard time finding a vein. They stuck him once and didn't get a vein. The second time they got it, but only got enough for 8 of the tests. They stuck him again, and did not get a vein. On Monday we went back with Dillon very well hydrated. They stuck him and DUG for quite a while (when asked they told me this doesn't hurt. Robin had to leave the room because it made her mad since she knows it does hurt!) They were not able to get any blood so they tried the other arm and got a tiny little bit - enough for one of the remaining 5 tests. They stuck him once again and didn't get anything. Needless to say his arms are quite bruised! We are working at making him appointment with the children's hospital of Philadelphia in King of Prussia to let them try to draw it. These were taken today, Thursday and the blood was drawn Monday and last Friday

Extra Special blessing: Today when Mrs B came to help with Dillon she told me a friend of hers wanted Dillon to be able to get a proper pattern table that he will fit on. So she gave us enough money, anonymously, that we will be able to get a very nice table for him! Thank you so much, this is such a blessing to me! I can't believe how nice people are, and how generous they are. Thank you whoever you are!!

This about covers Dillon's updates!

Nurse Robin giving Dillon some "me time" as she calls it. He LOVES when she rubs his head he coos! It is great!


Grandpa and Grandma Schnarr said...

Wow, what a wonderful blessing! When will you be able to get the new table! I am so excited for you. I feel bad for Dillon though, it does hurt when they have to dig around, my poor little buddy. Hopefully, you will get him into King of Prussia soon. Love you all kiss the boys for us

No No Nanette said...

That is so exciting that he is communicating! I will pray for more progress in that area.

I hope his chubby little arms are ok - poor buddy:(

And I love the picture of Nurse Robin and Dillon. What a gift from God she is to you - amen!

Grandma K. said...

Hi Dillon,
I'm so thankful that Robin is there to help take care of you. Grandma would love to be there to hold you and help care for you. But we tried and God said no for now. Yesterday I applied to care for another handicapped child. They told me there are 3 here in town who need help (a 6 month old, a 3 year old and a 7 year old). They all have G-tubes like you and some other things, too. I'm praying that God will use me as a witness in whatever family I end up helping. Praise the Lord, you are going to get a new table. God is good. Love you, Dillon.
Grandma K.

sbcjr said...

Wow... it's hard to read about that sticking and digging... I would have to leave the room, too. That must be frustrating.

May God give you all grace, and continue to provide glimpses of light!

Thanks for all of the photos!

Dear Abbi said...

Ouch, I know from experience that digging definitely DOES hurt! I hope his little arms feel better soon! Glad to hear that he is communicating. :)

Anne said...

His arms look so sad! I'm going to voice my very unprofessional opinion and say I think it hurts.