Thursday, January 29, 2009

JayDonn Update

Let's see, where do we start here? On friday JayDonn got four shots at the doctor. He is now done until he is four years old though. It was so cute, after the shots I gave him some of the ice coffee and he stopped crying!

Tuesday night we had visitors from the church we visited (more on that in Dad and Mom update which I will do later). JayDonn was showing off for them and decided to walk up the ramp - only he wasn't looking where he was going. He walked right into the side of the ramp and fell and hit his face of the side board. He, of course, was crying so I ran over to pick him up. I moved his hand and saw blood. I yelled for Si who rushed him into the kitchen and washed the blood so wee could see the source. It was then we saw a hole in his lip where his tooth must have punched right through. We thought we were going to have to take him to the ER for stitches so I ran and got the baby Tylenol. As soon as he tasted the Tylenol he stopped crying. I called my brother in law who is an EMT and asked what he thought we should do. He said if the bleeding stopped we are probably fine, unless it starts to bleed again. Right after getting the tylenol he wanted down to play and ran right for the ramp! The bleeding did stop quickly and I gave him some frozen fruit to suck on to bring down the swelling. The rest of the night he played as though nothing happened! He does have a swollen lip, but other than that he is fine! Here is his picture after the incident. :-)

Yesterday we went outside to play in the snow. It was JayDonn's first time in the snow. Last year it melted before I could get him out so this was fun for Mommy and Jay. Enjoy some of the picutres....

Sledding down the basment doors. He didn't seem to like it as every time I asked him if he wanted to do it again he said very firmly "no!"

This was the snowman Jay and Mommy made. Jay didn't care about it at all until the face was put on, then he wanted to kiss it.

This is pretty much all for Jay. We are still working slowly on potty training him and that is going well.

JayDonn throwing snowballs!

JayDonn's first snowman!

JayDonn's First time playing in the snow!


No No Nanette said...

Katie got a fat/bloody lip yesterday - and her nose was bleeding too. It is always scary to see their little mouth full of blood:( I am glad Jay was ok.

Katie doesn't like to sled either - she said "no" after one try too!

Glad to read Jay is doing well - and yay for no more shots for a long time!

Grandma K. said...

Hi Jay, Snow if fun once you get used to it. Grandma is going to go and try driving in it now as they just called me to work. Have a good day, Jay. Be careful on that ramp. Love you. Grandma K.

Anne said...

That's quite a bump he got himself:). Looks like a good time overall!