Thursday, July 02, 2009

All to the Glory of God!

Well today is a day I don't think I will ever forget. We went to the bank this morning and wired the remaining amount for the treatments to China! Praise the Lord! Who would have ever thought that $26,300 would be donated so we could do these treatments! Especially in just a few months! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED MAKE THIS POSSIBLE!

We are not completely done yet, though. We still need the plane tickets, the on-board oxygen, oxygen concentrator, traveler's insurance, visas, etc. So we still need to raise about 5,000 more. A friend helped us find tickets tonight. (we don't have enough to book them yet though) Leaving from Newark NY and DIRECT flight into Beijing! Only a 13 hour flight! And for only $972 (plus bags). Thank you Dave!

Now are some decisions we have to make soon. I just found out that JayDonn is allowed to go with us. I thought this is great! It will be a lot more work, but I was thrilled. I thought his plane ticket would be free since he is under three. But tonight, when looking for tickets, I found out since is is not under 2 we will have to pay for him. His ticket is 800 plus his visa is about 200 and his travelser's insurance is about 140 totalling 1,140+.
We aren't going to use the money raised for Dillon for this since it isn't necessary for Dillon. But I really think it would be so much better for JayDonn than leaving him behind and having him wonder where Mommy and Dillon went for so long. Plus he would either be bounced from person to person which he doesn't really know to be watched while Daddy is working, or he would have to go to Ohio to be with my parents and be away from Daddy too. (My mom is having surgery and will not be able to travel here to stay with him. I know she would if she could and I appreciate that so much but it just isn't possible. But she is able to watch him there in Ohio)
When Jay went to be with family for 3 days he was so mad at me and wouldn't talk to me on skype or the phone. He took about an hour to hug me when he came back since he was mad at me for leaving him.

I guess, though, if I can trust God to bring in $31,000 for Dillon's sake - I can trust Him to help Josiah and I afford to take Jay with me if that is what is best for him. Is any one noticing that I am constantly asking for prayer to have faith and be able to trust God? You would think after all I have seen Him do that I would be able to trust Him for these "small" things....but I still need you to pray for me to have the ability to trust God to work it all out. Will you pray for me, please?


Nic*Nat*Noe said...

Praying for you Tiffany!!! :) Sometimes it's easier for us to trust God for the big things and not as much for the small things b/c we KNOW that we have no control over the big things and THINK that we SHOULD have control over the small things. If that makes a lick of sense; hopefully you know what I mean. The Lord will provide as he ALWAYS worries! :) Congrats on the money earned so far...that is AMAZING! God is powerfully working and he'll be faithful to bring in the rest...

Anonymous said...

Tiffany, I wish that I could help you out financially but unfortunately I am not able to. But please know that I will be praying for you and your family as you go continue on this journey. As God has already shown, he will help you all through this as long as you have Faith in Him as I know that you do. Godspeed!