Thursday, July 30, 2009


Our first full day in China was good. We were all very tired, though. The nurses are all so sweet! They took 5 vials of blood from Dillon and a urine sample and a stool sample. The doctors also had a stomach ultrasound done, and while that was going on there was a lady to do an EKG, and while that was going on there were people to take a chest X-ray. They are looking at the brain MRI we had done right before we left the States and reading about what happened with Dillon’s birth so they will know what they want to do. They had the director of therapy in talking to us and she said they may do accupuncture to help him be able to swallow. Sometimes the needles are in the head, sometimes it is right in the throat so they will have to see how Dillon handles the needles. I told them I would like them to try whatever they can do help Dillon as we have tried everything we can in the US for therapy so what ever they can try would be worth it. They should be telling me today what their plans are for injections and therapy (I think!).
Jay was very fussy yesterday, but if he felt like Mom and I did - no wonder. He is sleeping good now. He went down around 11pm and is still sleeping at 7am so that is good! He has missed SO much sleep - and so have we. Dillon had a rough night last night. He was up so much coughing and coughing. Mom did most of his care for me so that was really sweet. Everyone, except Jay, is in the same room so it is hard to sleep when Dillon is beeping and coughing.
Mom K got to go with an American to the market. She said it was culture shock. She really saw that we are in China when she left the hospital and went out. There are really no other white people and no one speaks English and everyone looks at you because there are so few white people in this city. The prices are good though. She got 4 bananas, 2 apples, 1 peach, 6 eggs, and a small loaf of bread for about $2.05. We ordered food from place in the hospital and it was a little over $3.00 but it fed all three of us. Broccoli with garlic sauce and fried rice. Everything is cooked in some sort of grease, it tastes great, but is hard on the stomach so we want to try to figure out what is best for us to eat.
This American man was a real blessing to us. I believe God was in this - because he leaves today but he was here long enough to be a huge help to us. Our medical machines were not working when we plugged them in. This man showed us how to know what could be plugged in and what couldn’t. My pulse oximeter should be able to be plugged in, but since we did it without flipping the switch it stopped working. He was able to open up the part in the back and look at the fuse. He said we blew a fuse by not flipping the switch and he gave someone from the hospital the fuse and had them go out and get a new one. I have no idea how they were able to find this type of fuse, but they did and now all of our machines are working and we don’t even need adapters! Praise the Lord.

Today will be another exciting day. I am hoping we will find out the plan of action and that I can go out with Dillon so that we can all go to the market and have a look around. One thing that is interesting is McDonald’s and KFC deliver. Now we are little too far so we would have to pay their taxi fee if they came to us, but I thought my sister would find that interesting! There is a Pizza Hut too, but I was told that is a nice restaurant…a place a couple would go to for a nice dinner out together. Oh well, I still can’t wait to try some Pizza Hut in China! I will try to update every night so you know what happened that day. (Don’t forget my night is your morning…)


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