Thursday, July 30, 2009


As you are reading this, the sun is probably setting or already set, however, in China they will be just starting Friday morning! China is 12 hours ahead of us. On Thursday, Dillon had the bloodwork and cultures done, also he had a stomache ultra sound, EKG, and chest Xray. The doctors are going to try some treatments to see if there is a way to help Dillon swallow! This alone would be an answer to prayer.

When I spoke to her earlier she looked good but tired, understandably! They were put into a small VIP room, which actually has two rooms, this gives Jay more room to play. Dillon, looked good as I saw him on through the computer, he was resting comfortably in grandma's arms.

They met a wonderful man from New Jersey, who was able to take Donna to the market and show her around and how things worked. This man was a great blessing because he also was able to help with their electrical problems. The pulse ox machine was not working, and the man figured out a fuse was blown, he asked someone to run out and get a new one. This was accomplished.

I was asked to convey, much thanks for the prayers, and continuation of prayers! I will try to update you as often as I can. Please continue to post your comments I believe she can see them, if not I will be sending them to her! Thanks

~Valerie for Tiffany~

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Anonymous said...

Dear Tiffany and Donna,
We are so proud and thankful for you making such a trip. I have been praying about your accomodations and food. Looks like the Lord is really taking care of you. That was so nice of the American that took time to help you. The Lord had him right there for you when you needed.
Trust you will get better sleep now and know it is hard adjusting to foods, customs and language barrier. Remids me of my trip to Thyland. We got stared at there also, but with Dillon probably even more so. The Lord can use this to give out his story but please becareful and not too trusting of strangers.

Soooooooooooglad to hear from you. We go this afternoon to a consultation for GramPa's chemo.

Love you all and give the boys an extra hug for us.
Gramma Schnarr