Monday, July 06, 2009

Stem Cells videos!

These are videos of other people who have had this them all and you will see WHY we are doing what we are about to do for Dillon!! Just click on the links below (if the don't work copy and paste them in): A little girl sees for the first time in her life A man sees his family for the first time after being blind for 22 years!

These two are of a little girl named Dakota: This 6 year old looked at her Mom and said "I can see my Mommy!" little boy with CP little baby girl with CP

So if you are still wondering why we are trying this - I promise if you watch these videos you will at least understand why we are doing this!

I have been thinking about this. When you are pregnant you look forward for nine months to see your baby, to see your baby look at you, to hear your baby cry, to see the first smile and giggle, to see their personality, to see the first roll over, the first time they sit up, to see the first crawl, the first step. I feel like I'm still pregnant....I'm still waiting. I have been waiting for all these things with Dillon for three years plus the nine months. I am praying this trip will allow me to have one of these "first" with Dillon. To have him look at an object like Dakota, or to improve enough to be able to be mobile, or to look at my face and know that I am his Mommy, or something!

We are getting very very close, we are continuing to go head with the plans for leaving July 28th. We don't have all the funds yet, but if God brought this much in so far He isn't going to leave us hanging. This means we leave in 22 days! I am getting nervous, but I keep reminding myself of the song lyrics, "The Will of God won't lead you where the Grace of God can't keep you!" and I KNOW God is leading us to China....

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Anonymous said...

As I have said along, God has a special purpose in all this...look how much we had to fight Satan to get this far...We ALL want whatever it is the Lord wants, but it is exciting know that he can improve and that you and your family is doing everything HUMANLY possible to help Dillon. We have all prayed, but I believe God expects us to but feet to our prayers and that is what you are doing. Our love is with you guys as you leave, I am so grateful to your mother in law will to go. Know we love you and will pray for you everyday...and even will be up in the middle of the night to skype and see you guys!!! our love always!!!!