Monday, July 06, 2009

Pictures of where we are going!

Hello Everyone!
Sorry for two posts in one day...but these were pictures just recently sent to me of the place we will be going to and I thought you all would like the visual as much as I did!
Main Entrance

Physical Therapy area

Common Kitchen where Mom K and I plan to do most of our cooking to save money on food. The Chinese food is cheap - but they said some people don't like it so we will see!

Dining area

Bed room - we will have one bed for Dillon. One bed for Mom or I and a couch that some people sleep on. Or one of us can try to sleep beside Dillon in his bed - highly unlikely but we will see what works for us. Plus they are putting a crib in for JayDonn. They said it will be a tight fit in the room - even though they upgraded us to a "VIP" room ...but it is worth it to not have to leave my Jay behind for 31 days!

Common Bathroom...hey I had to share a common bathroom in college and sometimes at the Ronal McDonald house so oh well.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures - of course once we get there we will be posting a lot more pictures.

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No No Nanette said...

It is all so exciting! So neat to see where you will be with your MIL and both boys. I am so happy you will have Jay with you - you are right, it is worth it to have him with you. It would be so many days without your sweet boy:)

I am praying for you, praying for Dillon's health, hoping and praying this will bring some healing.

Have a great week, Tiffany!