Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dillon's accomplishments

I forgot to post this before, but on Monday Dillon did some great things. His vision teacher was here in the morning, around 8:30. We have noticed Dillon does better for the therapist when they come early in the day, and Monday was more proof of that. One time the therapist moved a light toy from mid line to Dillon's right. Although I was lightly holding his head to stabilize it, I did not move it, but he did! He moved his head to the right to follow the toy! He hasn't done that since, but at least there are times when the connections in his brain are working and he is responding to his environment. Then later in the same therapy session he let us put both his hands on a piano toy. He kept his hands open and relaxed and let me push one finger at a time to play music. He occasionally pushed his hands on his own. We asked him if he wanted more, but we got no response. So we said "OK the toy is going away" and took it away and all THREE times when doing this he cooed as soon as we took it away from him!!!

People keep asking me if we have seen improvement since China - well you tell me... I think we are seeing some real improvement. It isn't consistent but it is something!

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