Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dr Appt and Chunky Monkey

Today we had an appointment in Philly for Dillon. This doctor has been with Dillon for around 3 years now, but he is in the army and is leaving this month to go to a military base out west. The appointment went well. They would like to get Dillon in again in the near future for another sleep study to see if he is still needing as much CPAP pressure and/or oxygen. Another thing they suggested is to see if my home care supply provider will get me a clavicle collar. This is the thing they put around your neck if you have been in a car accident. Their thinking is that if Dillon wears this at night it might eliminate the need for CPAP because it would keep his airway open. It is worth a try I think.

While we were waiting for the doctor, I saw a baby scale in our room. I couldn't resist! With clothes and a slightly wet diaper Truett weighs 9lb 13.5 oz! He is 3.5 weeks old and his birth weight was 7lb 2oz! I figure his true weight would have been a little less than 9.5lbs so that means he has gained over 2 pounds already! He is my little chunky monkey!

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