Thursday, June 24, 2010

My 25th Birthday!

June 22 was my 25th birthday. It was a great day! I started it by remembering how just 4 years ago, on my 21st birthday was the first time I really held Dillon. He still had the breathing tube and tons of wires. We were in the NICU, unsure if he was going to live or not. Now, just four years later, Dillon is doing good and I was holding my third baby boy, who is as healthy as can be, on my lap in my home! God is good!

Dillon's nurse brought me a coffee and sticky bun, which made a yummy breakfast! So Robin and Jay sang Happy Birthday to me with a candle in my sticky bun!

That evening, I got to go out on a date with a wonderful man who is very romantic. My sweet husband had arranged a babysitter and when something happened he found another babysitter to watch all three boys! Thank you to the young lady who was brave enough to learn how to care for Dillon and took care of them! She did a wonderful job.

So, Josiah showed up in the evening with 25 red roses for me.

Then we went to a fancy restaurant here in Pottstown that we have been wanting to try, but it is expensive. It was very good. We split everything, including a yummy chocolate dessert. *forgot to get a picture :o(

Then we walked/drove around valley forge park. It is where George Washington was. There are still the old cabins...

And cannons....

The deer must know they are safe here because there were tons of them! This picture, though hard to see, was a Mommy and the smallest fawn I have ever seen! The fawn was still jumping as it tried to walk. It was so cute!

The deer let you walk within 50 feet of them, it was pretty neat!

It was a wonderful evening....and not bad at all considering Josiah only planned this around 2 pm that day! No, it wasn't that he forgot it was that his original plans were canceled! He had originally planned a hot air balloon ride for us!!! But due to the forecast of rain they canceled it. It did rain for just a few minutes but then was a beautiful evening....

Oh well maybe another time we can do the hot air balloon!

Thank you Dear for making my 25th birthday special! I love you!

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Ming said...

Hey!!!Its Jason here. I thought I would never be able to get acess to this website. But I did. I read the whole article. The pictures are beautiful and you husband is so romantic. I am really happy for you,Tiffany, you are a great mother and you deserve all this. Hope some day I can be there to celebrate with you on your birthday. Love. Jason.