Friday, June 18, 2010

Dillon's Getting Glasses!!

Dillon is getting glasses!! Crazy, I know! The doctor today said he definitely can see light (he blinked all four times the doctor put a bright light in his eyes). He said the optic nerve is slightly pale but if he saw the nerve without knowing the child he wouldn't be able to say if the child could see or not. This is good because it means the nerve is not so pale that he would know the child is blind. He said that Dillon is VERY near sighted so much so that if it were me I wouldn't be able to find the bathroom in the morning to get ready. He put a lens to my eye to show me what it would be like if I had Dillon's near sight. I could see a form in front of me but I couldn't make out any details of his face. It was all blurry!

So, he said not to get my hopes up but it is worth a try. He said that it wouldn't be fair to Dillon not to at least try. I am all in favor of this! He said it may not make a difference, but we are going to try. I KNOW Dillon can see better since we got back from China so please please please pray with us that this will help him even more! Vision would open up a HUGE world of communication with Dillon! One of my biggest prayer request going into China was that it would help his vision so we could communicate with him!!!! I am going next week to order the glasses then it should be a week before they come in and my follow up appointment is for July 15 to tell the doctor if we see any change.

I know so many of you joined me in praying for Dillon before China, many even prayed specifically for his vision to improve. It has, but will you continue to pray that these glasses might help a little more so that we might be able to communicate with Dillon? There is nothing I want more than to communicate with my little man for the first time!!

I know he said don't get your hopes up, but it is hard not to. I just have to keep going to the Lord and asking Him to help me with whatever His will is in this situation. I want Dillon to see better, but that may not be what the Lord wants. But I am certainly going to be praying and asking - A LOT!

Truett: Last night he ate at 10:30pm then slept till 4am then I woke him at 8:30am to eat again. Maybe he will sleep that good again tonight...?

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WilxFamily said...

Yay!!! Praise the Lord for this! I'm excited to see how much more he sees/does in therapy now.

Evan just got glasses...they said he couldn't see but 33cm in front of him. Yikes! Got his glasses on Thursday (??) and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I am hoping and praying it will be a huge difference for Dillon too! could it NOT be?