Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great video!

Yes, I have ANOTHER great video of Dillon! Since Blogger is still having trouble playing my videos, please click here and get it from youtube.

We have seen so many good things from Dillon recently. I just want people to understand again - just because he does something once doesn't mean he is always doing it. For instance - he has not come down the ramp like he did on Friday. We have not been able to pattern since Wed though. Yesterday we did it with two people but the teen girl was sick so we couldn't do it properly. 

Just keep praying for these little steps as they GREATLY encourage me and pray that he would consistently do each and every little step again and again for me!

Thank you!!!!!!!!


Grandma K said...

Great job, Dillon and Mommy. Keep plugging. Love, Grandma K.

hannah said...

that's really good. He's so strong!

No No Nanette said...

more progress! Your hard work is working! Praise and thanks to Jesus!