Friday, November 07, 2008

Jay talking on phone

This is a video of Jay talking to Grandpa and Grandma K tonight on the phone. He walks all around when talking and stops to let Dillon hear. He gave Dillon a few kisses too. He talks to Grandpa and Grandma K weekly and Grandma S daily. He LOVES the phone - no matter who I am talking to he thinks it is for him. Crazy boy!


Grandpa & Grandma K. said...

Thanks for videoing this. We had no idea that Jay was running around while he was talking. The phone is quite a toy isn't it Jay. We are so glad that you share it with Dillon, too. Love you all. Grandpa & Grandma K.

Annette said...

Jay is a riot; I have seen him in action with a cell phone and he amazes me with how serious he is and how focused he is while talking.
He is so ahead for his age. Tif, look out. love

Becky said...

Hahaha...Jay talks on the phone just like I do (except the jibberish part!) I am always pacing back and forth when I am on the phone :D He is growing up so fast! What a good little brother he is :)

Alesha said...

LOL - you must be a pacing talker!!!

TOOOOO cute!

Thanks for sharing that glimpse into your family - sweet grandparents and sweet baby boy!

You are truly blessed!

hannah said...

he's so cute! :D thanks for posting that video.