Saturday, November 08, 2008

Very cool video!

Hello everyone!
Thank you for all the wonderful, encouraging comments left on my blog and emailed to me about Dillon crawling. Let me show you another little "step" in the right direction.... (Don't mind Jay without his pants on - he is too skinny! He literally crawled out of them as he went up the steps right before this video! I think he needs to get a little chunkier!)

Blogger seems to be having trouble playing videos - you can go here to see it on youtube if it doesn't play for you.

Pretty cool, huh? All I can say is PLEASE KEEP PRAYING! I am doing all I can to pray and work with Dillon. God is the only One who can allow our work to continue making progress in Dillon. When we started this program I said that I didn't think he would ever be able to move around or learn to walk or even creep, all I wanted was for his vison to improve so he could communicate with it. Well, we have a long way to go with his vison - but we are seeing improvement all across the board!

I want to especially thank my nurse Robin, the teen girl S, and Mrs B who have been working with us.

Robin drives 50 miles each way and was offered a job in her own neighborhood but turned it down because she wants to help Dillon and believes we will see him crawl across the floor one day if we keep working. She never complains about all the work, she is always encouraging to Dillon and me. (And Jay is her best buddy. He loves that she brings him lunch almost everyday! :-D ) THANK YOU ROBIN!

S has been coming everyday after school for three hours. She could be out hanging out with friends or doing any number of other things, but is willing to come here to help with Dillon and Jay. We have been patterning for a long time, but only with two people. The key to a lot of these sudden changes, I believe, is because we finally found someone to help so we could have 3 people everyday and do it right. S I don't know what I would do without your help, THANK YOU S!

Mrs B Thank you for being so willing to work around our schedule to help us when we need you most. Thank you for being willing to drive a little distance to come every week, we need your help and are grateful for you. THANK YOU MRS.B!


Alesha said...

Tiffany, it keeps saying the video is not available.


Any ideas?

Grandpa and Grandma K said...

We can see it now. Good job, Dillon. Thank you ladies for all of your hard work with Dillon. As long distance grandparents we appreciate all of your work and interest in helping with Dillon.
Love, Grandpa and Grandma K.