Saturday, November 01, 2008

Little Men update

DILLON - The picture is a little dark - but that is because Dillon and I were snuggling together! I love him. He has been on oxygen for about 3 weeks non-stop now. For the first time in a long time he was bearing weight again in his legs yesterday and today. Today I got him in his loaner stander for the first time since the pumpkin patch. Hopefully he is starting to get better. Please pray he will be able to come off the oxygen soon and return to baseline. He is also getting about 6 teeth, but they come in so slow since he can't shew on things. His gums look so red and swollen and oh, so painful!
Dillon's night nurse called off Thursday night and for tonight, she was sick. His nurse for the other nights has been coming though. Tomorrow will be hard since Thursday night I was up about 40 times with him. One of his day nurses quit this week. She didn't like the drive (the one that was 24 miles away quit - the one coming 50 miles each way is still with us). So we will be without a day nurse for 2 days a week most of November then in December our nurse, Robin, will start doing all 5 days! We also have a 15 year old girl from the neighborhood coming everyday after school to help with Dillon's patterning. Mrs B from church is coming one day a week too. It is all going to work out perfect in December! Robin needs to leave early one day a week, so that is the day Mrs B. will come and we can pattern during the day. The other four days Robin will be here till 6 and the neighbor girl can come from 3-6. Perfect! What a blessing!

Ok, so Daddy made me laugh right when he took the picture, but we were resting together.

JAYDONN - he is a crazy little man. But he has such compassion as I have never seen in a 1.5 year old before. He is constantly rubbing Dillon's head, grabbing a towel and wiping his mouth off, trying to put Dillon nasal oxygen tube back in if it slips out of place. He kisses Dillon's head all the time and tries to get Dillon to lift his head when on his belly by "lifting" it for him. He is starting to learn to clap for Dillon when he is on the ramp. If Josiah and I are not fast enough when Dillon's monitor goes off, Jay will go running over, get down and look at the machine and then is even starting to push the mute button. I cannot believe what a big help he is and how much he truly loves his big brother. Dillon is so blessed to have him as a little brother! JayDonn is also cutting more teeth and is learning to be silly. He loves to say "uh-oh" if he drops something or if I am holding him (he wants me to say "spaghetti-o" and then throw him in the air or pretend to drop him!)

Well, Jay has been napping long enough - I have to go get him up so that's all the update for now!

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Grandpa & Grandma K. said...

Can't wait to see our little men.
Love you all,
Grandpa and Grandma K