Monday, November 03, 2008

Please pray....

Please Pray I have a prayer request for you all to please remember over the next few days:

My older sister is pregnant - due Christmas day. She was in the hospital from Friday until this morning because her contractions came back. She has had them before and is on medicine to stop them but was still having some. She still has about 8 weeks left till her due date. Her son was born about 5 weeks early, so good chance this one will come early too. Please pray for her to be able to carry this baby as long as possible.

Also, her husband is sick and has a fever. To top it all off, her 13 month old son has the high fever too and is having trouble breathing so he was admitted this afternoon to the hospital. They said they will keep him tonight and possibly tomorrow night. All I know is that they are giving him breathing treatments and he does have an IV. My sister is having more contractions tonight too.

I know they would appreciate your prayers for them at this time. We know how hard it is to watch your precious baby struggle to breathe and be in the hospital all the while being pregnant. It is stressful to say the least - so please do remember them in prayer.

Thank you!

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Mom K. said...

Praying. Love, Mom K.