Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Prayer Update

From my sister this morning:

Thanks for passing the prayer requests along.

We are getting ready to head back up there to see him. They were treating him for asthma. Sounds like he has a little bit of his aunt in him. :) When we arrived at the hospital...the one with the peds unit that takes his insurance is 45 minutes away... he had very bad expiatory breathing, His whole stomach was sinking in to take a breathe and he could be heard acrossed the room wheezing. It was so pathetic. Every other time, we have been able to treat him at the doctor office level for this. But as you know each attack can get worse quicker with asthma. We are sure what set it off that this point. 

Anyhow, when we arrived at the hospital, they gave him a double treatment then two more normal ones back to back. When they got him to a room, they gave him more and then, it was so late, we left the room so he could get some sleep, he WASN"T going to go to sleep with us there, he kept sitting up and standing in the crib waving at us! :) We hadn't eaten at that point so we went down to the cafe, while we were gone they decided to put an IV in. Which the nurse was so excited that he still liked her after wards and didn't even hit her. Daddy would have held him if we were there, but they said he did wonderful. There was no way I could stay there last night, without risking the other baby, so we talked to the nurse she said they were only going to wake him for treatments and let him sleep the night. I just recently talked to the nurse, so we getting ready to head up there, he is awake and ready to eat. But I know his schedule is is probably already asleep again, so we should be there when he gets up again...for the day.

So that is where we stand as of now, the nurse said he is responding very well to the treatments, and should be able to go home this afternoon.

Gotta get going,
Thanks for prayer and passing it along,

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