Friday, May 06, 2011

another day outside

A day outside enjoying the sun.

Dillon resting under his tent so he doesn't burn like a crispy critter...

JayDonn riding his bike down the sidewalk, a first for him! Yes, I bribed him by going to the corner with M&Ms and when he rode to me I gave him 2. But it showed him he CAN do it!
Truett riding his bike, in his very messy clothes. He also had a M&M so the beautiful colored drool is decorating his clothes.

Click HERE to watch Truett riding his bike.

Truett's first fat lip! If you watched the video you saw he got a little too excited to keep up with big brother and fell at the end - his little tooth cut his lip.

Mommy enjoyed the sun too! I love the warm weather - I just wish there was a way to clean the house while being outside....

What did everyone else do today with the beautiful weather?

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