Friday, May 20, 2011

Jay's Reading and Writing

Here are some of the words jay was writing on his white board tonight. He decided to write "cat" and 'dog" then I told him to write "God" and "frog".

Then I walked out of the room and he came and told me he wrote "lost God" (don't ask me why - I have NO idea, but that isn't the point....) He actually wrote God and lost all on his own!

This picture is sideways (again another thing I have no idea why). Jay started playing and just writing letters randomly so I told him to write a real word that I could try to read. So what does my not even 4 year old try to write....
He told me he wrote Dinosaur before I even saw it and sure enough that is what it looks like he tried to do!

And ok - I am sure not everyone wants to watch these, but I want to keep them for me! And I'm sure the Grandmas want to see them....

Here are a bunch a videos of Jay reading....
(it was the first time Jay EVER SAW these 4 books! I have never read them to him and he has never opened them before)
Book 1
Book 2
Book 3
Book 4
Reading game (I didn't get to record when he read "Daddy will be home soon." Perfectly - all by himself)

Good job Jay, I'm so happy you love to read and are working so hard. One day you will look back on this blog and see how well you were doing 5 weeks before turning 4! Mommy loves you Jay!

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valerieschnarr said...

Great Job Jay. Grandma thinks your reading is coming along great. Mommy is doing a nice job teaching you! Keep up the good work! <3