Monday, May 02, 2011


Ever since he was born, Truett has vomited. Jay did it too, but when he went to table food is stopped. With Truett it didn't stop at all. He weight gain was so slow, he fell way off the charts. He was about 2 pounds UNDER the 5%. I know some 3-4 month old babies that are bigger than him at almost a year.

After the doctor appointment where we saw just how small he was I started counting calories. He gets more than he needs in a day, most days. So the only other thing I could think of was the vomiting. I took him off cow's milk and put him on goat's milk. It only got a little better. After talking with my sister about allergies, I took her suggestion. I started making his goat milk pretty hot. Presto! He has nearly stopped vomiting! Sometimes he still does a little, but NOTHING like what he used to do. He also gained more weight during the time of trying this.

I showed the doctor a list of family allergies and told him what I had found with the hot milk. He suggested we see an allergist to be sure he isn't allergic to milk, soy, etc.

Today was our appointment...

BLESSING: Truett is not "allergic" to milk or any of the other 7 main things (soy, peanuts, etc.) He must just have a GI intolerance, probably to one of the proteins in milk. They did the scratch test on his back. They poked him with 10 little tiny needles and it was so quick he stopped drinking looked at the nurse then went right back to his cup. I think a blood draw would have been more traumatic because he would not have liked the tourniquet, or them holding his arm still.

The doctor said this was the best answer possible! All we have to do is avoid anything that makes him vomit for 3 months then try again slowly. He will probably out grow it by 2-3 years old! Thank you Lord!!

She also gave me a few formulas she recommends for milk intolerant kids as they all need a little extra nutrients since they can't process the milk themselves. As long as we avoid certain things and he continues to gain weight we are fine. If he were to not gain enough weight she suggested seeing a nutritionist then maybe a GI doctor. But I think he will gain enough as long as we avoid the things that make him vomit non-stop!

Thank you Lord for answering another prayer!

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Donna said...

Praise the LORD. That is such a blessing that he is not allergic and that he will eventually outgrow the problem, Lord willing. Love and prayers, Grandma K.